02 October 2010

Day 2

Today I want to share my favorite Mauled Cider recipe. I love cider! I love to cook it and let the aroma fill the house and I really love to drink it! There are so many recipes for cider out there but this is my favorite for many reasons. It's quick, tastes very delicious and looks perfect brewing on the stove!
5 lady apples
1 gallon apple cider (or apple juice)
2 cinnamon sticks

Press 4 cloves into each lady apple.  
Place cider, cinnamon, and studded lady apples in a large pot.
Warm over medium-low heat. 
Let steep for 1 1/2 hours, without boiling, until aromatic and flavorful.

The phrase today is an old Scottish saying:
From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night!

I also like the popular variations:
Beware of things that go bump in the night!
Be afraid of things that go bump in the night!

Craft time!  I've seen a lot of these wreaths around and I love them! 
foam form: Dollar Tree {for my first try I didn't want a really big one- it's 8 in. in diameter}
black paint: Dollar Tree
3 bouquets of black silk flowers: Dollar King {and I'm SO happy they have a whole bouquet for a dollar!  Usually you can only buy 1 black flower for a dollar at places like Walmart and Dollar Tree.}
If you don't have a Dollar King in your area I have a neat tip for you.  You can always spray paint any silk flower to be the color of your choice!  I have done this for other projects and it works fine.
This is pretty self explanatory- all you do is paint the foam black,
pull the flowers off,
poke them into the foam  
and then hang it!

I put some hot glue in the holes so the flowers won't fall out.  You could also wrap floral wire around each flower and attach it that way if you're into that.  It takes a lot longer but it may be more durable. 


  1. This is great! I will be linking you to my blog as well. ziggycrafts.blogspot.com

  2. A very sophisticated wreath for Halloween !

  3. I love all those Halloween quotes. Love the elegant black wreath.

  4. Fabulous! I love a more "funereal" approach to Halloween (as opposed to gore and crime scene tape.) Great job!

  5. Love this wreath idea. So simple and striking.

  6. that is so pretty, I love it! and how easy is that.